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Always Good, Always Sweet

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Always Good, Always Sweet

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What is Sucralose?

  • Sucralose is a non-caloric sweetener made from sugar.
  • It is 600 x sweeter than sugar and has a clean sweet taste.
  • It dissolves easily in water and is stable at high temperatures.
  • Approved by SA Departement of Health and does not cause tooth decay.

Is Sucralose safe?

  • More than 100 studies conducted over 20 years have demonstrated the safety of sucralose
  • Studies included areas of cancer, genetic defects, reproduction and fertility, birth defects, immunology, metabolism and the central nervous system.

Who can use Sucralose?

  • Adults including pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  • Children of all ages.
  • Used as part of a healthy eating plan

Can Sucralose be used by Diabetics?

  • Sucralose is not recognised by the body as a sugar or carbohydrate.
  • It has no effect on how the body absorbd carbohydrate.
  • Has not been shown to raise blood glucose or insulin levels.
  • Has no effect on short or long term blood glucose control.